Lining Cake Pans

Here is a quick and easy way to line your cake pans. It’s easy, fast and mess free after you bake you cakes.


To line your cake pan take a piece of parchment paper and fold it width ways.


Then fold it again width ways.


Next fold it into a triangle making. Be sure to fold it in the corner that will make a dot in the middle of the paper if you unfold it. In this picture it would be the corner on the right.


Fold the paper again width ways, so you almost have a make shift paper airplane.

Take a 9 inch cake pan and flip it over. Then take the paper that you just folded and place the tip of it in the middle of the pan. Mark the edge of the paper where the outside of the pan hits the paper.


Cut the excess paper off.


Grease your 9 inch pans with butter. Open the folded parchment paper and place it side the pan and smooth it out.


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