Cast Iron Problems

Cast iron is one of those things I’ve always wanted in my kitchen and I finally got some. I have a 10-inch skillet and two 5-inch skillets and the more I used them the more I realized I didn’t know how to properly take care of them. I received my 10-inch skillet for Christmas and the first time washing it I scrubbed the finish off. My 5-inch skillets were rusted from me washing/soaking them and letting them air dry instead of towel drying them. Some that has had cast iron for years is probably screaming at me while their reading this. Luckily I finally started asking questions and after hours and hours of research I found answers. After learning so much about cast iron I want to share with you my mistakes which are listed above and how I fixed them.



I don’t know if you can tell the difference between the black and the silver in this picture but I could tell in person. I called my mom and instantly started asking questions which she unfortunately didn’t know the answer, I thought all moms were suppose to have the answer to everything. Before I began researching I kept thinking I have a crappy pan, I need to return it, I thought cast iron was suppose to be better, etc. After many hours I found out that these problems I was having was my fault.


These sad little 5-inch pans became rusted and tarnished through the two years of owning them and not properly taking care of them. Here is how you reverse the time and miss use on your pans!


With a scorching pad or something similar to it, place a little bit of water in the pan and start scrubbing. How much scrubbing you have to do will give you a mini arm work out.


This is a messy job just for a heads up.


After scrubbing them for about a half hour they look good as new! Well almost, they need to be cured still.


If you don’t have any Crisco on hand go to the store and buy some, it’s needed for the next step.


Place a good amount of Crisco into a microwave safe bowel and microwave it until  its 3/4 of the way melted. Stir the rest until its all melted, or almost all of it.


Pour a decent amount of melted Crisco into the cast iron pan.


Take a paper towel and smear it all over the pan.


Place the pans on an aluminum lined baking sheet and place in the oven at 350 degrees F. for one hour. Be sure to turn the pans over half way through.


Your pan will look burnt and the house will stink of burning Crisco. It will fix your cast iron pans though! I hope this you be able to restore your cast iron pans. With the proper care they  should last you generations.


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