Homemade Extracts


A very close and dear friend of mine was having a house warming party over the weekend, I decided to make some homemade essentials that’s in everyone’s kitchen. He has no experience at all in the kitchen, so I’m very excited to share with him my knowledge of cooking, baking, and just some basic skills. Something that I feel is in everyone’s kitchen is extracts, if you don’t use extracts or don’t  have them in your home, they are wonderful for baking. Homemade extracts are very pretty to have sitting out in your kitchen or dining room. They also make wonderful gifts!

Back on to making extracts, they are seriously one of the easiest things I’ve ever made and I’m a little mad that I haven’t taken the 10 minutes to make them until now. First determine the size jar you want to use, be sure to clean and dry it before you actually use it, you will need a jar that has a nice tight seal for the lid. A good rule of thumb for fruit, vanilla beans or leaves: use a 4-6 ounce jar for one piece of fruit, 2-4 vanilla beans or a small handful of leaves. Once you place them in the jars fill the jars with a good quality vodka, don’t buy cheap vodka for this because you’re going to be cooking and baking with these and you don’t want to put cheap ingredients into your delicious food. When the jars are filled, leaving some head room, seal tightly and store in a cool, dark place. Be sure to give them a little shake once a week and they should be ready to use in about 6 weeks, the bigger the jar the longer it will take infuse together. If you decided to make vanilla extract, don’t discard the beans, when their done flavoring the vodka snip the beans at the end and squeeze out the smaller beans from the skin, they are delicious in cakes, frosting, and homemade ice cream.

Any size jar you would like to use (I used about 4 -6 ounce jars)
Fruit, mint, or vanilla beans

Clean jars thoroughly and dry. If you’re using fruit or leaves wash and dry them. For the fruit take a sharp knife and peel them going around the fruit to get a nice spiral look. Place peels (or whatever you decided to use) in jars and fill to the top with vodka and be sure to leave some head room. Seal jar tightly and store in a cool, dark place.


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